One Last Mic Drop: Seniors Last AP Lit Project

An inside look at the meaning behind the senior videos


As this year comes to an end, the senior class has one last project to complete to truly close out their grade school years. 

For years now AP English Literature has endeavored on the daunting task of creating the end of year senior video. Created by English teacher Mr. Blair, “I started this project in 2016 as a creative project for my AP Literature class for after the AP Exam,” Blair says, “the reason is because there are a lot of connections between film and literature when it comes to analysis.” 

Leading up to the project there are many preparations made in order to achieve students’ best work. “Earlier in the year, I teach students about how photography is also an art form that uses many types of angles, colors, filters, etcetera, that are intentional to portray a particular experience or emotion,” siad Blair, “before the project, we learn about filmmaking techniques that include camera angles, movement, framing, and editing techniques, as well as the effect that they have on the perception of the audience.” Which gives students some baseline information that can be used and incorporated leading up to, and during, the video making process. 

Not only are the senior’s grades on the line, but to become the winner of the competition as a whole. While it is true that this project can be incorporated in many lessons for literature and analysis, it is also one last fun and friendly competition for students after a tough year of academics. 

“Every year, my students seem to be inspired by the videos students have previously created and try to make theirs better. There is a competitive element to produce the best video in the class, as well as the best out of all AP Literature classes,” siad Blair. 

Especially since this year is the first where there are two AP Literature teachers, which means double the videos, and double the competition. Blair finds that “this competitiveness leads to a great sense of pride in their work, which is always my goal for student work.” Which can definitely be a pro as much as it is a con. While there are more videos each group is competing against, “the purpose of the project is to have the seniors create an original product that emotionally appeals to the entire THS community,” said Blair. Making sure all “teachers, students, and parents” heartstrings are pulled while watching the video can be the key to winning. Though with more competition, that may have more experience, the pressure to put your best work forward is high. Which can definitely lead to more put together, thought out, and  over all more exceptional videos. 

Though again the steaks are high this year round. While in the past the senior video has been shown in advisory classes and shared on the senior magazine, this year there is hope to show the video at graduation as well. “This video has not been shown outside of Advisory, so it has never really made it to the graduation ceremony,” says Blair, “I feel it would really pull at the heartstrings of the parents and be an awesome addition to the emotional experience of graduation.” Though if you were to ask, no matter who wins the competition, the video will most likely pull at everyones heartstrings.