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Current Adviser:

Bria Coleman

Current Staff:

Audrey Acerno is a junior at Tuscarora High School and is excited to begin her first year as a staff writer for The Pack Newspaper. She is apart of Key Club and enjoys editing and writing.

Jordyn Bouer-Myers is a Staff Writer and Co-Editor in Chief for The Pack at Tuscarora and is in her second year at the newspaper. She loves reading, writing, and anything cosmetology-related. She enjoys meeting new people and is so excited to work with all the members of The Pack!

Luke Fincham is a junior at Tuscarora and is looking forward to his first year as a Staff Writer of The Pack. He enjoys playing baseball both for travel and for Tuscarora. He is excited to learn how to communicate news through interesting and engaging articles.

Olly Murphy is a junior at Tuscarora High School and this is her first year as a staff writer for The Pack. She enjoys sports such as field hockey, lacrosse, and skiing and looks forward to beginning her experience in the Newspaper class and learning to write fun and intriguing articles. 

Luke Pierce is a sophomore at Tuscarora and is excited for his first year working as a staff writer for the Newspaper. He enjoys writing and reading and is involved in Tri-M and Band. 

Ella Thomas  is a senior at Tuscarora and this is her second year doing Newspaper for The Pack. She loves music and enjoys playing her bass guitar in her free time. She loves traveling, reading, writing, and going to concerts. She hopes to be a forensic psychologist in the future

Hannah Stine is a third-year Staff Writer for The Pack and a junior at Tuscarora High School. She has played volleyball for NVVA since 5th grade. In her free time, she’s either reading, drawing, writing, or tackling an overload of homework.

Sydney Nicklas is a junior at Tuscarora and looks forward to her second year working as a staff writer for THS The Pack. She is involved in choir and theater at Tuscarora and enjoys playing the guitar and reading in her spare time. She is also a Tri-M and Mu Alpha Theta honors societies member. She serves as co-Editor in Chief. 


Past Contributors: 

Carlin Lacques served as Co-editor-in-chief for The Pack at Tuscarora. She played for Tuscarora Softball and was on the Academic Team. In her free time, she likes to read and spend time with her dog.

Emily Bailey  was Co-Editor in Chief of Tuscarora newspaper, The Pack. She loves to write and is still currently advancing her skill set in reading, writing, and editing! She is also doing writing competitions outside of school as well. Emily is becoming incredibly more involved this year with volunteer work, DECA and soon to be so much more! She values friends, family, and free time! 🙂 

Lillie Scheivert  was a student in the broadcast program who also served as Co-Editor in Chief.  Lillie created sports media content here at Tuscarora including, “hype” videos, student athlete documentaries, and lastly sports photography. She was also a Viva Loudoun sports photographer intern. She attends the University of Delaware to play softball and major in media and design.

Shant Pamboukian  was a student who had been broadcasting since his sophomore year, making his senior year his third year in the program. Shant also served as Co-Editor in Chief. He has been featured in the Washington Post for his broadcasts. 

Roslyn McKerley  was a staff writer for The Pack. She ran cross country during the fall and enjoys rock climbing, reading, and discussing politics. She was the president of the French National Honor Society and an officer in the History National Honor Society. 

Gwenalyn Abrams was a Staff Writer for The Pack and a senior. She loves to write, even having written a book over 400 pages that she is currently editing to try and get published someday. She also was a stage manager for the Tuscarora Theatre Department where she helped put on the amazing shows that Tuscarora Performing Arts puts on.