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Meet the Staff

Njeri Jackson is serving as the Editor in Chief of the newspaper. This will be her second year here. She loves to write: it’s her creative outlet. She also loves to read (Between Shades of Gray if you want a recommendation). She’s actually a certified nerd really. She enjoys peaceful walks, zoning out to music, and long conversations with people she’s close to. She is looking forward to working with everyone here!

Joey Hudson is a senior who is serving as one of the Editor in Chief’s for The Pack and it’s his 2nd year writing for the newspaper. He enjoys playing video games, watching his favorite show Survivor, and spending time with friends and family. He’s excited to be working for The Pack again and is looking forward to a fun school year!

Sarah Kebei is a staff writer for The Pack at Tuscarora High School and also a senior. She loves to read books, watch shows on Netflix and play soccer in her free time. She enjoys various genres of music and her favorite class that she’s taking at this current time is journalism.

Carlin Lacques is a staff writer for The Pack and in 11th grade. She plays softball for Tuscarora and is active in Model U.N., Academic Team, Young Democrats, and Spanish National Honor Society. She likes to read and particularly enjoys books surrounding history and politics.

Laila Ali is a 10th grade student and a staff writer for The Pack. This is her first year on the newspaper and she really loves working on it! Laila enjoys reading, writing and listening to music. She is also an avid tennis player and skater. She is really excited for what’s to come and she loves collaborating with everyone here!

Emily Bailey is a staff writer for The Pack newspaper at Tuscarora High School. She is in 11th grade and is currently taking classes to help improve her writing, interviewing, and reading skills. Emily loves to read and write as both have become a good outlet for her creativity, thoughts, and serve as a good entertainment in her day to day life. She is super excited to be working with all of you this year!!

Jordyn Bouer-Myers is a news writer for The Pack and is a sophomore at Tuscarora High school. This is her first year on the newspaper here at Tuscarora and she is so excited to be a part of the team. 

Ronan Heykoop is the Editor in Chief for the broadcast program and a staff writer for Tuscarora Sports with The Pack. He is a senior this year and has been a staff member since his sophomore year. He plans to study sports broadcasting in the fall.

Lillie Scheivert is a video producer for the broadcast program. She covers sports and events here at Tuscarora. This is Lillie’s first year on the broadcast team as a junior, and is so excited to continue creating through her senior year!

Shant Pamboukian is a Broadcaster for Tuscarora High School. This is Shant’s second year in the booth and has been doing it since his sophomore year. He plans to pursue this as his occupation.