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A special thanks to the following patrons and sponsors to Tuscarora’s The Pack!

Sean and Cori Byrne

Karen Ramsford

Carol Byrne

Anthony J. Grohman

Mr. and Mrs. Rivinius

Why become a patron?

Tuscarora’s student news crew, The Pack, is solely supported through advertising and fundraising. For the last 9 years, student publications have covered and shared important moments in Tuscarora’s history while developing a strong reputation for quality media coverage in print and online journalism.
As a patron of our student journalists, your support will allow us to continue to report and publish what is going on at our school. Money generated from the Patron program offsets the cost of attending local, state, and national journalism conferences and workshops, purchasing computer and camera equipment as well as other needed supplies for our publications lab.
Patron donations are a one-time contribution and any amount is welcome. As a Patron, your name will be published on our website . We truly appreciate an contribution made to our program and look forward to enhancing our relationship with the Tuscarora community.
Download the 2019-2021 Patron Ad Contract PDF here!


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