New Faculty in Theater Department

With new adults in the Tuscarora Theatre Department, there are safer and better quality shows


LEESBURG, VA: Tuscarora Performing Arts have been better funded, allowing more adults into the program to help bring a safer workplace and better quality shows. 


“It enhances the program,” Mr. William Craig states, “Ultimately, we have more people that are specialized in areas working within those specific areas.”


The adults in our programs are, Mr. Justin Daniel the Co-Artistic Director, Mrs. Alyssa Sera Josep the Co-Artistic Director, Mr. William Craig the Technical Director, Mr. Connor Perkins the Assistant Technical Director, Ms. Gabby Roijman the Assistant Director and Dance instructor, Mrs. Durgin the Music Conductor and Mrs. Tarrant the Choral Director. 


“New adults mean different, fresh perspectives. It means you are going to catch things that other people missed. It means we are coming from a variety of life experiences and backgrounds and that helps shape the way I teach and what influences. It’s going to give the students a wealth of knowledge,” Ms. Roijman says. 


New to our program this year from the new funding are Mr. Craig, Mr. Perkins, and Ms. Roijman. Mrs. Durgin is also new as the new band director and teacher Tuscarora High School. 


“As most people know, I am a charter alumni so I was here when the school opened. So it has a very special place in my heart,” Mrs. Sera Josep says about joining the theatre department in the 2021-2022 school year, “Mr. Daniel was my former teacher and it was an honor for him to ask me to come here. He was the one who taught me what I know today.” 


Many of these new faculty are not here just to enhance the theatre programs and help safety but they are also here to mentor students. 


“My plans are a few things. I mentor the student leaders like the student technical director. I’m going to mentor them. The student crew manager, I am mentoring that person as well. So first and foremost, my plans are to mentor the students,” Mr. Craig says. 


These adults are bringing forth a better, safer place for the theatre students to put on shows. It is a both exciting and nerve racking time for them to work with these students.


“What I am most excited for is when the students have these lightbulb moments on stage. Watching them grow, even from when we were in September for We Are the Sea, to where we were for tonight’s performances, I couldn’t be prouder of all the work, growth, learning and the discoveries that the students are making on their own,” Ms. Roijman states. 


“What am I the most nervous for? I would say just being able to balance out school and personal life because ultimately that’s also important. The show shouldn’t be everything but I am glad everyone is having fun,” Mrs. Sera Josep says. 


All of the teachers on staff want to thank Mr. Daniel for offering these jobs and bringing them into the department as department chairs. It was because of him that the theatre department got the funding to bring in new faculty.


“Tuscarora is very special; there is a lot of opportunity here and there is a lot of talent here. So to be a part of that is a very special thing,” Mr. Craig says. 


“I just hope our theatre family keeps growing,” Mrs. Sera Josep states, “If you have any interest at all, in any way, please come join us.”