A New Chapter

Tuscarora’s newest English teacher, Mr. Geoffrey Van Duyne, has been adjusting to a new school and all finding new ways to get involved


Mr. Van Duyne has taken on the role of the newest English and Creative Writing teacher. This is not his first year teaching but it is his first year here at Tuscarora. After deciding the long commute to his former school wasn’t right for him, he chose to apply to Loudoun County schools.
When asked about how he began teaching English courses, he sentimentally explained his hopes for the future of the children he teaches: “My love ultimately isn’t for English, it’s for communication. I want kids to feel understood and to understand.” 
Adjusting to the new setting has been a fun and welcoming process according to the teacher. “The other teachers are wonderful here. They have just been welcoming beyond belief,” he says. 
Mr. Van Duyne’s hopes for his students reflect itself in his goals for the school year; wanting his students to be able to express themselves through words and writing.
The art of reading and writing is an important factor when it comes to schoolwork and even the job world. Many students who struggle in the subject may really feel the hit as they climb grades. Mr. Van Duyne aims to help change that for the students who come into his classes.
“There has never been a time in human history when being able to communicate effectively has been more important,” he continues. “I want kids to have some kind of savvy in terms of communication.”
When asked about what inspired him to be the teacher he is today, he explained his motivations. “…kids who want to know the world, which honestly is ultimately what communication is for.”
Alongside his class teachings, Mr. Van Duyne is the host of the school’s literary magazine.
The Literary Magazine is a compiled highlight of Tuscarora’s literature, art and photography. This year’s theme for the magazine is Chaos & Order.
“I want the lit mag to go on for a while. I’ve always wanted to do it, and at my previous school I never had the chance,” he stated.
If you are interested in submitting any of your own creations to the magazine, you can contact them at [email protected]