New Club for Fine Arts Fans

A New Club for the Fine Arts Department called FANtasia emerges to help support everyone in their Performances


By: Gwenalyn Abrams

Leesburg, VA: FANtasia is a new club at Tuscarora similar to Tusky Terror, but for the Fine Arts Department. The name is associated with music but the use of the capitalized FAN is to represent the supporters of the Fine Arts.  

This club is being led by two sophomores, MacArthur “Mac” Maryn and Alyce Snead. They became leaders to help bring in more people to the performances put on by all of the fine arts. They want to empower and bring support to all performers with a bigger audience. 

“We’re starting out with getting a student leader from every department to meet both me and Alyce Snead once a month to give us insight on what events will be happening soon. We hope to start making a sign up and organizing FANtasia better. By doing this we’ll be able to reach more people and have a stronger group,” said Mac Maryn. 

Their current plans are to expand the club to all of the departments of the fine arts, including theatre, band, choir, and orchestra. They also want to get more members and organize events to make FANtasia stronger and spread it to more schools. 

“It’s a way to support their peers in areas that don’t usually get that much support. How many Tuscarora students do you usually see going to a guitar concert, compared to how many show up for a football game?” Alyce Snead stated when asked why people should care about FANtasia. 

Another FANtasia plan is T-Shirts and other merchandise with the logo drawn by the graphic designer, senior Jaidan Braddock!

“The idea behind the FANtasia logo was all made by Mac Maryn and Alyce Snead. I was just there to make their idea come to life. Their idea was having FAN be big because FANtasia is all about being fans. They also wanted to include symbols of each of the fine arts department since they would be representatives for them. Finally to tie it all back to Tuscarora, we added a cut husky in our theme colors,” stated Jaidan Braddock, “It was really fun to work with such creative people and make a logo that THS will use for a while!” 

The money raised by all the merchandise will go straight back into helping the Fine Arts and spreading FANtasia. This money can, for example, help all departments make high quality signs or posters instead of flyers.  

“As one of the leaders of FANtasia I often imagine the entire auditorium filled with all of our students waiting for a show to start!” Mac says, “Join FANtasia!” 

To find more information about FANtasia, there is an Instagram page, @tuscarora_fantasia. There will also be information posted on the bulletin board in the Fine Arts hallway next to the chorus room. Keep an eye out for a slide in the morning announcements and advisory slides which will also be providing information. 

Anyone can join the club, even if you aren’t in a Fine Arts class or afterschool program. All you have to be interested in is going to see the performances. To join, keep an eye out on the Instagram page, bulletin board and advisory slides or find either Mac or Alyce to discuss joining!