The Intoxicating Image of Our Senior Student Class President

Tuscarora’s senior Student Class President, Yaajushi Valluri, gives us an inside look on the job


The role of Student Class President is a role that is well known by many. From Ronald Reagan to Oprah Winfrey, many well known figure heads were their own Student Class Presidents when the time came. 

Though they are not the sole reason why the role of Student Class President is so well known. The name and practice alike are also common in many countries around the world. From real life, movies, TV shows, and more, being Student Class President is known to be a demanding, yet rewarding, job for those that work for it.

Even when not painted in the best of light, the milestone of becoming senior Student Class President is something not for the faint of heart. 

For years the media portrays the role of Student Class President as a “preppy goody two shoes who thinks better of themselves and is usually a ‘dork,’” said Yaajushi Valluri, Tuscarora’s current senior student class president. 

Though many students seem to think that Valluri stems away from that image while in office. “People have often told me that I break that stereotype and I also do not associate myself with that image,” said Valluri. 

Just like how the media has been constructing this ceretin narrative around the role of Student Class President, Valluri has been doing the same for herself. “In freshman year I was Vice President,” said Valluri, “but since the election in sophomore year I have been President.” Valluri has been in an office position at this school since day one, and it shows with how she is not only able to keep up, but being ahead of the game as well. 

Since day one the duties and requirements any Student Class President must maintain are key, not only to an image, but, again, being ahead of the game. 

“As Student Class President I am in charge of gathering the team for meetings and gathering information from the school SCA,” said Valluri, “so, for events like homecoming hallway decorations, I am the main head coordinator for passing along the meetings.” Though with the help of her other SCA officers the responsibilities are, more or less, equally divided among them all, giving Valluri a variety of young reliable helping hands when need be. 

Requirements to keep the position seem more straightforward though. What some kids already strive for in academics is what Valluri said to be a gold star in any Student Class President eyes, “Some of the requirements to maintain the position are just to be a model student for peers and keep up my grades.” 

Though the position is not always so easy going. The struggles of life are prone to even the least deserving. Being Senior Student Class President can put unwarranted stress and pressure on students. “Yes, being in the position that I am in is really difficult to keep holding my standards,” said Valluri, “I have to continuously be cautious of what I say, or do, in school in case it makes me, or the class SCA, look bad.” 

One’s image in school can surely be a great motivator to be, and look, your best at all times. Though it can also become one’s greatest fear. Especially when you’re put in a position to continue being a figurehead for peers entirely online. “I was president during online school and the experience was super depressing,” said Valluri. Also going on to express the hurdles she had to face when trying to connect to, at the time, the sophomore class, and “to make sure people were aware of different virtual events” that were taking place. 

The year of quarantine was hard for everyone, but one can only imagine the difficulty it must have been to bridge students with school spirit. Especially while students were not even in school.  

Though one thing is for sure, and that is the undeniable skill set that Valluri demonstrated during both good and bad times. Still running, and then winning, Student Class President during our online year shows grade dedication on Vulluri’s part. Though no one would have seen that coming, Vulluri took everything in stride and showed how, again, she was ahead of the game. 

Even now Vulluri hopes that her time as Student Class President will demonstrate to future employers, and such, that she “demonstrated leadership killing in the workplace.” Hoping that people will see that as an accomplishment is also a driving force behind Valluri. Though at this point, who couldn’t?  

Since day one of her high school career and experience, Valluri had put in the work through blood, sweat, and tears to be a dedicated Student Class President for us all. However, many may doubt that she has gotten the recognition and praise she deserves. Valluri has put in the effort, on a daily basis, to strive away from an arrogant, self centered, and nerdy image this title usually provokes. Valluri has made it known that her own image is built only by her, and her alone, making her a “reliable student and leader” to her peers and professors alike. 

Though climbing “up onto the roof of the school,” and being “invited to a rager” are both high on her bucket list, and where a true leader goes, people will follow. Even if the ideas are not school oriented to begin with.