Prom Has Returned

Prom Has Returned

By Sarah Kebei

As we all know the end of the academic year is swiftly approaching and with that we know comes all of the fun activities for the end of the year, one of those of course being prom. Unfortunately due to covid,  we have not been able to have  prom for the past two years, but with things finally starting to pick up and go back to normal, it seems this year prom will be back to business as usual. Although there was a slight change in the venue location, the new location at Middleburg Barn provides the perfect space and boasts many scenic photo opportunities.

This year’s theme is pretty perfect considering the past couple of years’ events. Created by the junior class presidents and in a senior assembly, a poll was assembled for the seniors to decide what theme they wanted with the majority of the class choosing Masquerade

There will be catering service there and there will also be a designated area for where students arriving can take pictures along  with a photo booth for the students to take pictures. All in all, staff are hoping that this year’s prom is a success even after all the last minute changes. Since prom will be held on friday after school some students were worried that they won’t have enough time to get ready with school finishing at 4:03 and prom starting at 7:00. Many students have stated that they plan to skip school this day as they do  not believe it’s going to be enough time to get ready. 

Prom is May 6th and it will be held at the Middleburg Barn from 7-11pm. Tickets will go on sale April 19th and will cost $65 the first week, and $70 the second week. The very last day to buy a ticket will be Friday the 29th. The ticket includes dinner, dessert, and entrance into the dance. 

Don’t forget to get your permission form from the front office or any of the Junior Class officers.