Blood on the Run

All you need to know about the up and coming blood drive


On March 30th, from 9am-3pm, Tuscarora’s annual blood drive will be taking place right here in our very own gym. Though when hearing about it for the first time, some wonder what to do, what it is, or even what to expect.  

Though to answer the first question, “The blood drive, as the name states, is a drive to collect blood. This is a great way to help out the community and give back to people who are in need of blood,” said Esther Man, president of Science National Honor Society and student coordinator for the blood drive. 

“The blood drive started last year of my junior year with my partner Camila [Ramirez-Herrera]. We decided to start this project to help out the community and do something good. That means that this is the second year that I am in charge of the drive” said Man, “Camila and I do everything from getting it approved, promoting it, and managing it on the day of. The blood drive takes a lot of planning and time behind the scenes, but it is very rewarding when everything goes according to plan.” 

One of the first steps in creating blood drives is definitely making sure that the people you hope to participate, and volunteer, and know where to go to sign up.  Before sending out the sign up sheet to the students, SNHS will go through the slots that the Red Cross provided, and then will transfer it to “a website called the signup genius,” said Man. 

Though this year students have shown their excitement and “enthusiasm” from the up and coming blood drive by already filling up all the slots for the blood drive this year. “Yes, the volunteer sign up was the first one to get filled up,” said Man. 

Tuscarora can only hope that future students can keep the streak up by filling up the all volunteer slots. Because as they say, the more the merrier, especially when “the blood that will be donated goes to the Red Cross,” said Man, “and they decide on what happens to it. They have told us that all the blood goes to any hospital that are in need. That means your blood could end up in California.” 

Though, if you want to be on the other side of the table, and donate blood, it’s “recommend everyone to eat lots of iron rich food, drink lots of water, and rest. Then on the day of the donation we ask everyone to eat a big breakfast that is nutritious,” said Man, “after giving blood we ask for everyone to sit down, rest for about 10-15 minutes, drink water, and eat a snack.” Donating blood of any kind can definitely take its toll on the body, so making sure to follow these instructions to a T should be top priority for anyone deciding to donate. 

“When a person gives blood we can expect them to be a little nervous,” said Man, when asked what should be expected for volunteers when the day comes to donate. Though Man also explained how, “the phlebotomists are trained nurses that are specialized in taking blood. They are trained professionals and have years of experience, so they are very reliable and knowledgeable,” so no matter what, everyone should be in good hands. 

Even when first walking in, especially if this is your first time donating blood, “the process of giving blood is very simple,” said Man. When you first walk into the gym, there should be a table setup with a volunteer ready to sign you in, all you got to do is walk up, and the rest will follow like blinking. “After signing you in they will ask for you to wait in the waiting area to be called up by a Red Cross staff. They will ask you some questions about yourself and will test to make sure you are stable and healthy enough to give blood that day,” said Man, “Then you will be taken by the phlebotomist, where they will start the process of taking blood.” After all of that, the recommended, and promised, rest and snacks should wrap it up. 

The Red Cross should email all participants about their blood type around 1-2 business weeks after donation, but if you do want to sign up to donate now, all you need to bring is a “signed consent form, filled out by their parents,” said Man. Which should be found in Dr. Sulek’s room, room 501, or found on the blood drive Instagram @tuscarora.blooddrive