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Undefeated: Tuscarora Football Takes the Dub

Dave Chaplain

Tuscarora High School’s football team finished the regular season undefeated, winning all ten of their games. It was truly a team effort that they couldn’t have done if they weren’t working together. Everyone contributed in their own way and added something special to the team. 

This team couldn’t have gone as far as they did without their coach, Jared Toler. Coach Toler has been a coach at Tuscarora for six years and the head coach for two. He also won the award for the district coach of the year. “I was honored to get that award, but it is because of all the other coaches on staff and how hard they work. Also the players with everything they do on the field and our community and school that supports us,” Toler stated. This regular season has been a challenge for Tuscarora High School because it is very difficult to stay undefeated. “We work on trying to make ourselves the best version we can be,” Toler says. “We focus on us and don’t necessarily focus on who we are playing each week.” Toler is very proud of his athletes and said how they “help hold him accountable to being the best version of himself.” 

Tuscarora’s football team would not be possible without all of their amazing players. The players definitely feel the pressure before games because they want to represent the best they can be for their school. Tuscarora’s running back Elijah Chapple says, “I prepare for a game by letting loose a little and try not to get so locked in because I play best when I’m having the most amount of fun.” Isaiah Lucas, the punt returner for Tuscarora, said he “listens to music to stay relaxed before a game.” Each player should do whatever pregame ritual they want that will benefit them the most. Chapple shared that his favorite memory from the regular season was “scoring the winning touchdown against Lightridge in triple overtime.” Our linebacker, Matthew Hess, shared that his favorite memory was “beating Lightridge in overtime to continue the story we are writing.” Hess also mentioned how he is “looking forward to the playoffs and seeing my younger teammates succeed after my senior year.” 

There are many things to be excited about for the rest of this football season. The team has been working really hard and they couldn’t do it without their supporters. “My brothers and my mom have supported me,” Lucas said. Another one of our varsity players, Bernardo Rivera, said, “My parents are the people that have supported me the most. They’ve done and sacrificed so much for me so I can be the best version of myself.” Outside of family, the players also get their support from friends and previous teammates. “I looked up to RJ when he was here and my family has always supported me,” Hess states. “Coach Toler has also been a big support for me.” Everyone at Tuscarora has been very supportive and proud of our amazing football team and excited to see them continue their journey. 

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