Spring Musical, The Hunchback of Notre Dame on its Way


LEESBURG, VA: Tuscarora Performing Arts is performing The Hunchback of Notre Dame with a live pit band. The musical is about a hunchback named Quasimodo and his adventure trying to help outcasts with his friends.

“It’s a beautiful piece about love, hate, manipulation and sacrifice,” said sophomore D’Andre Bullock, who is in the two ensembles of the choir and the gargoyles/statues.

There is an amazing cast including senior Michael Anthony as Quasimodo, senior Dillan Vanzego, understudied by sophomore Maryam Barokah, as the Romani Esmeralda, senior Tyler Steeprow, understudied by senior Miracle Mbia as Captain of the Guard Phoebus, sophomore Oliver Stolz, understudied by junior James Mangovski, as the evil archdeacon Claude Frollo, and junior Rachael Giessmann, understudied by Queen Kincaide, as the King of the Romani Clopin.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to see our amazing seniors in their last high school musical,” junior Ava Peach, the choral master and part of the gargoyle/statue and Romani ensembles, “Everyone is so talented, but especially the fantastic seniors.”

Both cast and crew have been learning a lot with their experience for the show. For the cast, learning to embody more serious characters in a serious show. For the crew, getting to build the amazing set.

“Throughout the production, I’ve learned the value of proper time management and the importance of an optimistic mindset going into a significant undertaking,” Mangovski, also part of tech, stated.

With the show not far away, excitement and nerves have struck everybody. Actors are reviewing their lines, blocking, dancing, doing everything to make the show the best it can be. Techies are finishing up the amazing set for the actors to walk upon.

“I’m most excited about being part of stage crew and seeing my friends in the cast and ensemble in action,” Mangosvki said.

“While this is a fabulous show, the finales are incredibly hard. They have so many parts that go at different tempos and languages frequently fluctuating between English and Latin,” Peach stated.

Everyone helping with the production has gained a love for the show. It is that love that encourages everyone to work hard and give it their all, so they can put on a show they can be proud of.

“My favorite part of the show is definitely Rhythm of the Tambourine or Thai Moi Piyas because both songs are really flowy and up beat and have a mystic theme to them,” Bullock said.

“I don’t really have a least favorite part of the actual show itself aside from certain aspects of the production. Nothing downright terrible though,” Mangovki stated.

After months of working on the show, everyone has fond memories that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

“I’ve really enjoyed teaching Judex Crederis. Everyone loves that song and when we sang it, it felt like it just clicked with everyone at the same time,” Peach said, “I would like to thank my amazing Co-Choir Master, Sydney Nicklas. Without her, I’d be a total loss mess one hundred percent of the time. She is literally a lifesaver and such a beautiful person in general.”

The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be performed in Tuscarora’s auditorium on May 4th and 5th at 7pm and May 6th at 2pm and 7pm. Posters are hung all around the school with a QR code to buy tickets or you can go to https://tuscarora.booktix.com/ to buy tickets. Link is also on Tuscarora’s Performing Arts page.