A Look at Shenanigans: Improv Troupe


Hey guys, and welcome back to Dillan Discovers: showing love to the unknown and known activities at Tuscarora. This upcoming activity, I would say, is definitely unknown. Have any of you heard of Shenanigans? No? Well, that’s what this episode is all about, so get into learning something new. 


Now, you may be asking yourself, “What is Shenanigans?” Well, I’m here to tell you. Shenanigans is an improv troupe here at Tuscarora High School led by Tyler Steeprow. The other nine members are Sawyer Gonzalez ,Helen McGuirk , Mac Mauryn, Peyton Gull, Ava Peach, Rachael Giessmann, and Will Anderson. Another question you may be asking yourself is, “What is improv?” Improv, short for Improvisational, is a type of live theater in which the characters and plot, or story, is usually made in the moment. In order to be a part of an improv troupe, a person needs to be a good listener, be able to react fast, have general knowledge of a few topics, and be able to add drama to the scene. Our trop rehearses every Wednesday to prepare for their shows which they have every few months on Wednesday at 7 pm. I had the privilege of going to one of these shows, and I’m going to discuss my three favorite highlights of the show.

The first rule you should know about going to one of these shows is, be ready to participate!! I know normal audience etiquette is to sit down, be quiet, and enjoy the show. But, for a Shenanigans show, they break all the rules. Shenanigans actually enjoy having an interactive audience, plus throughout the show they have the audience recommend different places, occupations, restaurants, and other things  for their games. Let’s get into the games!


As soon as the Shenanigans show starts, the troupe begins with an introductory skit. The skit was, “Who is the Best Mall Santa?”. The audience chooses the best Santa by the “Applause-o-meter”. Whoever receives the loudest cheers wins the game and gets to wear a Santa hat for the rest of the show. Let’s see who wins!

Moving on to their next game, which I did get a shoutout in, it is called “Dating Game”. In this game, one of the team members is asked to go outside, while three other members are sitting in three chairs. Once the member leaves, the three people receive character suggestions from the audience of who to act as. Once those characters are decided, the member who is outside is invited back in, and gets three questions to try and figure out who these characters are. I wonder if they can do it, let’s find out!



In the end, Ava was able to figure each character out. Props to Ava because if it was me, I would have struggled through it. The last game I am going to share is called, “Freeze”. The game is just as the title says. Two of the members will start a scene, while the rest of the team watches. When someone thinks of how to flip the scene or one of the actors poses into something else the member yells, “Freeze!”, which stops the members doing the scene. They tap an actor to take out, take their place, and continue doing an entirely different scene. This game is wacky and quick. It’s funny to see how each person changes the scenes. Let’s watch!



Let’s give a round of applause to our Shenanigans troupe for a wonderful performance. This was actually hilarious, and I had a wonderful time! I would recommend for you guys come to one of these performances because it’s fun, free, and honestly, something that you have never experienced before! Their next show is February 23, so save the date. As always, I hope you enjoyed this episode and hope that you learned something new. Special shout-out to the Shenanigans troupe, keep doing what you do! Dillan Discovers is out!