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Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour


On October 13, 2023, Taylor Swift released her record-breaking film, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.” The movie is a recording of her famous Eras Tour, filmed at SoFi stadium in California for the first three of her six Los Angeles shows. The movie is showing in thousands of theaters across the country, and has already broken records. 

On November 1st, 2022, Taylor appeared on Good Morning America to announce the start of her new world tour, which she called “The Eras Tour.” The tour is a mix of songs from all of her 9 original albums, which span from Taylor Swift to her most recent new album, Midnights. The tour starts with the Lover era, and ends with Midnights. After the 1989 era, Taylor comes out to play a solo, acoustic set of two of her songs that are not featured on the setlist.  

A popular theme across both the concert and the movie are the making and trading of friendship bracelets. Fans will make bracelets that relate to Taylor Swift songs and trade them with other fans. “1989,” “The Archer,” and “Speak Now” are just a few examples of the many references that are displayed on bracelets to trade. At first, bracelets were only traded during the concert, but now that the movie has been released, fans have a chance to trade with other fans through a simple theater.

I fortunately had the pleasure of going to both the concert tour and the movie, and both were incredible. They each had their own unique features that captured the audience’s attention in different ways. The concert seemed very intimate with the people around you, and you were able to experience it more fully. At the gate, each guest is given a light up bracelet that forms patterns and colorful displays during each song. This allows the people who have further seats to be involved in the concert. The movie had similar features to the concert, but it felt a lot more up close and personal to Taylor. The movie focused a lot on her, and it was intriguing to see what she did on stage up close, since the seats we got didn’t allow us to see her every move fully. The movie was phenomenal, and really captured the magic of the tour. The people in attendance were dressed up, dancing, trading bracelets, and having a good time. 

This is why the movie is so important to some people. The concert tickets were extremely hard to get, and the lucky people who achieved the goal of buying tickets were able to experience Taylor Swift live, which is a dream of thousands across the globe. Taylor Swift became famous when she was just a kid, and a lot of people grew up with her as a vital artist in their life. Seeing Taylor live would definitely be a once in a lifetime experience, but was very difficult for people to achieve. When the movie arrived in theaters, it was a chance for Taylor’s fans, who didn’t get a chance to see her live, to be able to experience the full concert. It makes it even more special when people are willing to trade bracelets in honor of the concert, and pass through traditions to every corner of the country.  

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