A Day In The DMV- National Harbor

Bored of going to the same spots in DC? The National Harbor is a place to visit for a variety of fun activities!


By: Laila Ali

In all honesty, going to DC everytime you want to hang out can get extremely boring. So why not try something new? The National Harbor is located in Prince George County, Maryland, which is about a 30 minute drive from DC. There are so many things to do, such as visit the art galleries, shop at the outlet mall and so much more, let’s be,

The Tanger outlet malls are a really popular spot for tourists. There are many different ones in other major cities such as Rehoboth Beach, but personally, this one is definitely the best one. There are many popular stores such as Bath & Body Works, Adidas and American Eagle among others. There are also some really cool restaurants in the area such as SUCCOTASH, a South Asian kitchen with a four star rating, it’s also located right along the harbor, which means it’s pretty much right next to all of the other cool attractions

The most popular one though, the one that is seen in all of the photos of the National Harbor, is probably the Capital Wheel. It actually opened on May 23, 2014 and the view is amazing, especially at night. According to the website, the wait times aren’t that long, it’s only 12-15 minutes. Definitely worth it.