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Tuscarora Idol vs. American Idol

By: Erica Walker
LEESBURG, VA- This is Tuscarora Idol! March 18, 2011 was the date students from Tuscarora competed for money in an event similar to American Idol. Even though the name of this occasion is like the television show, it doesn’t mean the two of them are exactly the same. After comparing the two, I’ll explain how the evening went.
Compared to American Idol, the contestants of Tuscarora Idol only have one chance to sing in front of the judges (in this case two judges) to win a cash prize. On the TV show, the contestants go through challenges and they are given more chances to prove their talents to the judges. Speaking of judges, they are also different. The judges didn’t give any criticism or advice to the competitors. They only had their say in which contestant was the winner. The judges on the show, however, give their constructive analysis no matter what. That’s what the show is all about: judging people on their talents and giving them a chance to become a recording artist. American Idol is celebrating its tenth season on television, whereas, because this is a brand new school, the Tuscarora Idol was the first annual show.
Nevertheless, there are a couple similarities between the two. For example, you do get to see an insight of the competitor’s past experiences with music. Also, the contestants choose their own songs to sing and how they plan to perform. The audience is full of energy on the show and at the event last week. Many family members joined the viewers of Tuscarora High School.
The opening singer of Tuscarora Idol was a freshman named Gabby Evidente. She performed the Katy Perry hit single “Teenage dream” with her own spin on the song: she played the guitar and also sang the song with different content. Her voice was very pure and I like the way she took a song and made it her own. Daniel Poyerd sang an original rap called “Buried in glass”. I found it unique to sing an original song and he seemed comfortable on stage.
Act two: the first place winner Brian Horne sang “Saturday night” playing the guitar. He was friendly with the audience and his talent was revealed that night. In the audience, many people were excited to see junior Darrian Pickett perform the Bruno Mars favorite “Grenade”. Like Brian, she also played guitar very well and definitely delivered. Darrian also had many fans in the audience cheering her on. The classic Jeff Buckley song “Hallelujah” was sung by third place winner Kirsten Fleming. She not only sang, but she was involved in starting this event. Her singing was pretty and her stage presence seemed natural.
After all the constants sung their hearts out, previous NOVA Idol 2009 Jasmine Williams took the stage. Her voice blew everyone away, including Judge Mr. Justin Daniels. He claimed that people need to bring that kind of singing to the stage. High notes, low notes, you name it, Jasmine can do it! She was so excellent; the judges had her sing again. The second song she sang was a gospel song that amazed the audience with her talent.

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