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Sophomore Class President: Molly Fuller

By: Megan Ford
As everyone in high school knows, we have a student government. While there is a student council which is made up of students from all grade levels, there is also an individual student council for each grade level. With president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, the student councils are set up much like the United States’ government.
Molly Fuller has never been in student government before, and yet she became the first ever sophomore class president at Tuscarora High School. Proving that Molly is a very driven and determined girl she says, “I think if you’re gonna go for something, you should go all the way or not at all. President was the only choice for me; I’d feel like I was letting myself down if I didn’t try my hardest for it.”
Among other things, her determination is what got Molly elected for president. She is well known throughout the school as a girl who is, “a good friend to everyone. She’s very likeable and she’s smart,” says fellow 10th grader Emily Rossie. “Molly is very social, funny, and a great leader. She is also outgoing and has many good traits for being a class president,” agrees Emma Hale.
Because of her position as sophomore class president, Molly helps out with fundraisers and other things that help her class raise money that they can use for anything during their years at Tuscarora High School.
Molly, along with about 20 other students helped with the homecoming hallway for the contest during homecoming week back in October. “We started right after school on the Thursday before the dance and the last of us left at 11 that night. Then we were back at 7 the next morning to make last minute finishing touches,” remembers Molly.
Just before break the sophomores held a student v. staff volleyball game to raise funds for prom next year. For those who went, it was a big hit. “We don’t have something new up our sleeves yet, but I’m pretty sure we’ll have a spring staff vs. student game,” Molly clued us in, “There isn’t really anything going on right now. We were all trying to finish up our stuff before winter break, but I’m pretty sure some new stuff is gonna be happening when we go back.”
“There wasn’t really one specific person,” who made Molly want to be in student government she says, “I had heard so many people complaining about the school, and saying that they wanted to go back to County or Heritage. I wanted help them make this school their own, to show them that this can be a good year too. Mostly, I wanted people to be able to walk down their own hallways, happy to be there, and know that I might have helped them in some way.”

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