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Winter Break

By: Dan Horne
From going to insane parties to taking trips to Jamaica, the students at Tuscarora did it all over winter break. Over that one week, these students made many memories that would last them a lifetime, whether they were wonderful, or terrible.
Erik Svensson, a junior at Tuscarora, had an outstanding break. For the first 4 days of his break, he went to Jamaica.
“Jamaica was super dope,” said Svensson. Svensson stayed with his uncle, who happens to be Jamaican.
“My grandparents adopted him, so even though we aren’t related by blood, I actually feel more like family with him than I do my other aunts and uncles,” said Svensson.
While he was with his Uncle Devondre, Svensson attended several Jamaican parties. He met many kids his age and came out of Jamaica with several new friends.
“It’s just way different in Jamaica, you know? It’s hard to explain, but I guess it’s just more chill; the people there are more chill,” said Svensson.
Christmas was spent just with Uncle Devondre, and was one of the most relaxing days of Svensson’s life.
Uncle Devondre got him a couple of interesting gifts, including a very nice pair of pants. “It had so many pockets it was the coolest pair of pants I have ever seen. You just can’t get them like that in Virginia,” said Svensson.
Upon returning, Svensson was somewhat sad, but also very excited. “It sucked to say goodbye to Uncle Devondre, because I knew I wouldn’t see him for a while, but I was also kind of happy because I got to go back and chill with all of my friends,” said Svensson.
After a heartfelt goodbye, Erik got on a plane back to Virginia. He was greeted by an excited family, and spent a day opening his presents. The rest of his break was spent in the presence of close friends.
Others, like Conner Johnson, stayed home for the break.
Most of Johnson’s break was unordinary. It was his New Years Eve that was so interesting. Johnson went to a party out in Hamilton, and it was “insane”.
“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Johnson. “I got there and literally had no words.”
There was a bonfire bigger than his house in the backyard, with at least two hundred people sitting and dancing around it.
“Everyone was having the time of their lives. I know I did,” said Johnson.
Everybody participated in the countdown to the New Year, and when the ball dropped, they went crazy.
“I had a major adrenaline rush. I didn’t even know what was going on,” said Johnson.
Upon getting home the next day, Johnson slept the entire day away, and was refreshed enough on Sunday to do all of his homework.
“Going back to school is definitely the worst feeling ever after a long, relaxing break,” said Johnson.
For people like Kayleigh Mckenzie, winter break provided the time they needed to catch up on both schoolwork and sleep.
“It basically gave me time to get my life in order. The weeks before the break were pretty hectic,” said Mckenzie.
Mckenzie finished all of her homework on the first couple of days of the break, so that she had time to hang out with her friends. She also found the time to organize all of her notebooks, which she said was, “very relieving.”
Mckenzie also caught up on all of the sleep she lost while school was in session, and would often sleep in until one in the afternoon on her days off.
“I spent about half of my break sleeping. It was great,” said Mckenzie.
Although Mckenzie largely enjoyed her break, there was one complaint that she had.
“The fact that it didn’t snow kind of sucked. That’s not to say I didn’t end up having fun though,” said Mckenzie.
All in all, she was satisfied with her break, and was glad that it came when it did.
So, although the week of the school year that all of the students look forward to has come to an end, the memories of it remain, and that is what truly matters.

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