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Homecoming Week

By: MacKenzie Butler
The highly anticipated week was finally here. Yes, it was homecoming and the students were ecstatic. This was the week to show everyone else what we were about, even though we had all come from different places. The whole week was surrounded by the two main events; the Friday night football game and the Saturday night dance. But, in order to get ready and pumped for this, the school had a spirit week.
To start off the first was Tie-Dye theme. It looked like a good majority of people dressed up, but then there were some who didn’t. A common excuse that was used was,  “Oh, oops I forgot,” or the classic,  “I didn’t feel like it,” but that’s the issue. If people don’t feel like dressing up, then there is no school spirit. With Tuscarora being a brand new school, with a brand new everything, it’s really important for the students to be involved 110% of the time. We don’t want this high school to be known as weak in spirit- the spirit gives the sports teams a reason to win. It’s all about representing your school, even though some students still might not like it here, but it’s time to move on.
Tuesday was Dress to Impress, and each grade was assigned a category. The freshmen were the T.V. stars, while the sophomores were music stars, and the juniors were the movie stars. There was quite an array of costumes that morning in the auditorium for grading, including aHannah Montana and the winning group, the Beatles. After making a surprise victory, Wallace Teska, a member of the Beatles group, said “it was awesome to win”. Throughout the day, students strutted their stuff, acted out their part, some even spoke it, like a junior who dressed as a nerd and greeted everyone with a quite realistic stuffy “ Hullo”.
On Wednesday morning, students entered in their favorite college team attire, and some dressed up as their favorite sport.  They looked ready to support their team, no matter what the outcome was.  Thursday was Salad Dressing Day, where students dressed up as any type of salad dressing, like Ranch, Caesar, and Thousand Island. One student, Natalie Hicks, chose a unique dressing which was “French dressing, I wore a beret, black and white striped shirt, and carried around a real French Baguette with cool shoes”.  Along with the salad dressing theme, Tuscarora’s varsity volleyball team was hosting the Dig Pink theme in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was a great success. People were dressed head to toe in all pink, showing off their support of this terrible cancer. The spirit within the school couldn’t be contained and was finally let out on the final day, Friday
That morning, students came decked out in their grade color. The freshmen wore white, the sophomores wore black, and the juniors sported blue. Everyone was really into it, and Junior Class Council President Tyler Dietrich said how “Spirit Week is the biggest and most important week of school. It makes this school better by bringing us all together”. And he is right, because this was the first week of serious spirit seen at this new school and it was quite a turnout. Not only was the week a success, but the Pep Rally was just as impressive. All members of the school gathered into the gym and were entertained by several acts. The cheerleaders showed off all their moves, followed by a special group of cheerleaders, the Powder-Puff boys. Their routine was a hit and made the crowd go wild. Then the Step Team showed the school real unique talent and had a great routine. Finally each grade battled it out in a tug-o-war match; sophomores beat the freshmen, while the juniors beat the sophomores. At last, the bell rang, issuing a whole night of history to be made: Tuscarora’s first Homecoming Game.

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