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Winter Snow? Looks like a no.


By Tucker Stuntz

Snow has been quite the topic this winter for all high school students. This is for one reason and one reason only. There hasn’t been any crazy snow storms this year.

In past years, Loudoun County students have been blessed with multiple days off of school due to snow, and sometimes even weeks off. So far, we have only experienced a two hour delay. Many people are questioning why there hasn’t been any snow and are wondering what February will bring to the table. Meteorologists are predicting that due to climate change, mass amounts of snow are not going to be showing up as frequently as they did last year. Climate change could be a factor directly affecting our snow possibilities. It could also be the reason that we are experiencing these warm days every so often.

The good thing is that there is still hope. February tends to be the month that Loudoun County gets the highest snow totals. If it is anything like past years, students can expect to get a few days off if temperatures begin to cool down. It will come down to the need for multiple cold days and weeks to get the ground cold enough to keep the snow from melting. Like we do every year, Loudoun County needs to keep on believing and letting Wayde Byard know how you feel when we don’t get school off.

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