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Competing for the Crown

Robert Johnson

By Lucy Blue

The Mr. Tuscarora competition was hosted in the auditorium December 14, starting at 7PM. Preparation for the event consisted of meeting during every Flex since the beginning of November to rehearse a dance number choreographed by senior Abby Fletcher and pull together their talents and costumes.  The event was judged by selected students and staff members, including Mr. Kim, Mr. Crisp, Ms. Vanzego, senior Maddie Evans and junior Robert Johnson.

The event opened with the dance number, and then the participants shared their unique talents with the audience.  Mr. Tuscarora concluded with a question-answer portion of the night, where contestants were dressed as their dream profession while giving unexpected and quirky responses to questions such as, “If you were a flavor of ice cream, which flavor would you be?”

The winner of this year’s competition was senior Tucker Stuntz.  Stuntz won over the judges with his quick and easy humor.  His dream career being a professional snuggler, and his undeniable talent with cup stacking led him to the victory, awarding Stuntz with a 50 dollar Chick-fil-A gift card, a “sick crown and some ‘street cred’.” “[Participating in Mr. Tuscarora] was so much fun; it didn’t really matter who won because we had so much fun during the entire thing,” said Stuntz.

All of the contestants took a comedic spin on the average pageant.  From the stage names, (Mr. Goldilocks being the stage name for Tucker Stuntz), to the comedic professions imitated during the questions portion, (Batman, and a forty-year-old football dad, for example), the event was filled with laughs.  

Mr. Tuscarora is an annual event that showcases the various talents and charisma of male students while raising funds for prom.  “If you want to go to prom and have fun, come to Mr. Tuscarora,” said senior Yassine Elmellouki.

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