Travel the Globe in a Single Night

By Sharon Shatananda

How often do you sit in class, wishing to be anywhere but in school? On most days, visions of tanning on Brazilian beaches during FLEX are nothing but hallucinations caused by too many hours of creating notecards. But for a single night every year, your travel fantasies can come true.

On March 19th, at 7 p.m. Tuscarora will host U-Nite, our 3rd annual multi-cultural celebration. The event showcases over 40 countries through a heritage fashion show, where students show off traditional outfits, several ethnic performances by both students and teachers, as well as a “tasting of the world,” after the performance portion of the event, featuring over 100 dishes from around the world.

U-Nite brings cultures from China, to Russia, to the Americas right into the Tuscarora auditorium. It’s an event that aims to promote cultural understanding and a set a stage for students to express their pride in their cultures. “In this political climate we don’t always recognize other cultures positively, and it is important to learn about other countries to understand what life is like for others,” sponsor Ms. Lyon explained. She went on to say, “Tuscarora is the 3rd most diverse school in Loudoun County,” according to the most recent data; “we want to find out exactly how many different countries are represented here.”

The night is one of extraordinary excitement, as well as attendance. Last year, over 500 people attended U-Nite. With that many people, the event has had incredible energy for both the performers and the audience. “It is so wonderful to have students come with their beautiful dresses and performances,” said co-sponsor Mrs. Gil, who performed a Brazilian dance last year. “You know me,” she said, “I love to perform, I love the spotlight and the energy!”

The same is true of senior Yvonne Kwaw-Fuah, though you might not realize it. “I’m kind of more of an introvert normally, but I love to dance and perform! It gives me a chance to express myself,” she explained. Kwaw-Fuah, who is from the Ivory Coast and Ghana, will be choreographing and performing a traditional African dance along with 7-8 other girls.

If you are interested in bringing an ethnic dish to share at the “tasting of the world,” contact either Ms. Lyon or Mrs. Gil.