Tuscarora Volleyball team loses against Broad Run



By: Delaney Casten

On Thursday, October 24 at 7:00pm at Tuscarora High School,  the Tuscarora varsity volleyball team lost against Broad Run High School 0-3.  Broad Run shut out Tuscarora, winning three straight matches.  It was the Tuscarora senior night, so Sydney Garrell, Lauren Frisicaro, and Alexis Coombs were honored before the game.

The Tuscarora Huskies came out strong in the first match, scoring the first point.  Halfway through the match, head coach Meghan Puckli called a time out. The Huskies began to fall and Broad Run came out on top, winning the first match 16-25.

In the second match, Broad Run scored the first four points.  They kept their lead of 7-17 halfway through the match.  The second match ended 19-25, with Broad Run as the winner.

Tuscarora needed to win the third match or else the game would end.  The Huskies led the game, scoring the first three points.  Tuscarora was able to keep their lead, winning 12-9 at the halfway point of the match.  The match was close, but Broad Run pushed through, winning the third and final match 22-25.

The last time the Huskies played Broad Run was on Tuesday, October 7, they lost two matches to three.

“We’ve had some tough losses, but it’s been a fun season,” says Garrell. “We are hoping to pick things back up, so we can do well in the playoffs.”

The varsity volleyball team’s season record was 8 wins, 14 losses, and 1 tie.  They lost their last game against Stone Bridge 0-3 on October 30.