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7 Signs You Live in Leesburg

By Megan Cohen

1. You’d rather get an autograph from the Flag Guy than Madonna.

While the outside world is obsessing over mainstream pop culture, you’re too busy looking frantically out the window as you drive down the road, hoping for a glimpse of Mike Sanders, Leesburg’s favorite patriot.

2. It’s not unusual to stop at a gas station for dinner.

Gas stations without access to Thai cuisine are so not cool. Anyone that’s lived in the ‘Burg for more than a month has become accustomed to spotting an entire restaurant attached to the local Liberty station.

3. Wayde Byard is your best friend.

For the average person, a phone call at six in the morning is met with nothing but frustrated grumbles while shuffling around in the dark. Students in Leesburg, however, are out of bed on the first ring, just to hear the wonderfully monotonous voice of Wayde Byard, Loudoun’s public information officer, give them the glorious information that school has been cancelled.

4. Being a VIP at a movie theater means nothing to you.

Back in the age of B.C. (Before Cobb), to be a VIP was to be someone that had been singled out for admirable qualities. One visit to a local Leesburgian movie theatre will completely change the definition to, “Buying a ticket to The Equalizer.”

5. The Outlets aren’t a major tourist destination.

It always comes as a surprise when you tell someone you’re from Leesburg and their first response is, “Where the Outlets are?!” You know, that one place you drive by every day? You can still make a great day out of the Outlets, but you just can’t bring yourself to understand the hype.

6. You’ve forgotten mid-terms exist.

Remember that one time when some of the most important tests of the school year were casually cancelled? When someone mentions the upcoming exams, you have to remind yourself that not everyone got to skip over that dreaded week, and it’s time to rejoin society as the average Joe that takes mid-terms once again.

7. You wear a parka one day, then a tank top the next.

Sure, there was ice on the road yesterday morning, but today looks perfect for a trip to the beach. Mother Nature always seems to be taking out her anger on Leesburg, which is why you always have a back-up snowsuit in case the temperature decides to drop forty degrees.


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