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Seniors Win “Play in a Day” Drama Lock-in Competition


By Katy Hooper

This past weekend, from 7pm Friday to 7pm Saturday, the drama department at Tuscarora hosted a lock-in in the auditorium and fine arts hallway. During this “Play in a Day” event, students from all grades put on original productions, competing to win points for the homecoming spirit week competition. After tough competition at the final show on Saturday, the senior class won the event with their play about various homecoming proposals.

Students were given their play prompt shortly after school on Friday, and quickly got to work on the plays. The teams came up with their plays completely from scratch in one day, so they were hard at work for the whole 24 hour period. “We wrote and blocked our entire skit between 9pm and 5am, ate breakfast, then painted sets and started practicing,” said junior Daniella Roberge. “It was pretty intense.”

The performances were a wide variety of themes, plots, and gags, varying from the sophomore play about a diner, to the junior play which included several fatalities. As the prompt, teams were instructed to include flowers in their productions. They appeared in the names of the characters, as something to put an engagement ring around, or as the cause of death.  All of the plays were hits with the audience, and even the judge, Mrs. Kristan, could not contain her amusement.

Students slept – or failed to sleep – on the floor of the auditorium, but spent their waking hours working on their plays, experimenting with lines and lighting, and giving feedback to the other teams. Despite the struggle to win, there was an air of friendly competition, and teams helped each other to make the best plays that they could.

All teams took the event very seriously, but still included amusing jokes, choreography, and songs  in their skits. Seniors Chris Allen and Elizabeth Getis even performed an original duet near the end of their play. “I was laughing from the start,” Mrs. Kristan confided. “It was one of the most enjoyable evenings of my professional career.”

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