Tuscarora’s First Sadie Hawkins Lacked Support

By Brianna Meeks

Saturday, November 16th marked Tuscarora’s very first “psychedelic” Sadie Hawkins dance, sponsored by the Key Club. It was a casual dance, but the added element of it being a Sadie Hawkins, a dance where girls are supposed to ask guys, made it unique.

“We made [the Sadie Hawkins] part optional. We thought people wouldn’t want to do it if it was supposed to be a strict Sadie Hawkins,” said freshman Alex Policaro, a member of the dance committee.

One of the big questions this year was whether or not the dance was going to happen at all. At the beginning of the week, there were not enough people signed up, and committee members were worried they would have to cancel the dance. Policaro said, “It was kind of disappointing [to consider canceling]. We did a lot of decorations. Plus, it’s for a charity.”

The charity in consideration is the Eliminate Project, the primary focus of Key Club’s fundraising. The Eliminate Project is dedicated to eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus, a disease that affects thousands of infants and women each year, by raising money for syringes and vaccines to combat this affliction. People who went to the dance not only got an evening of dancing; they were also helping save women and babies around the world.

Even though there were eventually enough people to put the event on, the general lack of people at the dance made it less enjoyable for those attending. “The amount of people made it awkward. There was a lot of standing around,” said sophomore Madison Borgel.

There were debates among those attending regarding the quality of the music played, but people generally enjoyed the festive, tie-dyed decorations. Sophomore Ghita Fekkak said, “I would do it again next year.”