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When Filler Becomes Substance

By: Danny Sedlezak
The super bowl is an American institution, maybe even a world one. In the past five years, over 500 million people in the United States alone have tuned into the super bowl. In fact, this year’s game was the most viewed television event in American history, all for two football teams. The Super Bowl is the most important pop culture event in America, but the actual game is only part of it. Even if you don’t really enjoy the sport of football, there are always numerous commercials to enjoy. And some people must care about the advertisements running during the 2011 Super Bowl that cost an average of 100,000 dollars per second. But which companies made the most of their money? Which commercials where the best, and which were the worst?
Celebrity Star: Eminem for (Chrysler and Brisk Iced Tea)- Who ever would have thought it? Slim Shady himself stole the show with appearances in two polar opposite commercials; a hilarious one for Brisk, with him channeling some Slim Shady-type humor and attitude, and one for Chrysler, showing how mature he has become. No one was even close for this award. Now let’s just hope he doesn’t ruin his commercial-making appearances by becoming oversaturated.
Best Monkeys: Career Builder Parking Lot- It isn’t a Super Bowl without monkeys, is it? There were sadly very few uses of those furry primates this year, but one still stood as the best. Very few things are as timeless and enjoyable as monkeys driving cars, and this commercial delivered. Career’s builder’s stands as one of the best advertisements of the first half.
How Did That Get Past the Censors?: Faith Hill Teleflora- How is it that a flower commercial is one of the dirtiest of all? I never would have thought that something as romantic and heartwarming as giving flowers could be so misogynistic. Though, as with all things with this level of inappropriateness, hilarity ensued.
Biggest Budget: NFL Best Fans- Not that this is terribly important, but I would like to question how much money the NFL spent on copyrights for this one ad. Not only was it long (almost 2 minutes!) it must have used clips from at least five different shows, if not ten. Not that it wasn’t worth it (it stands as one of the best non-humorous commercials), but did you have to spend millions upon millions of dollars on promoting the NFL… during the Super Bowl?
Most Overrated: Volkswagen Darth Vader- Yes, it was cute. Yes, it was rather funny. But was it the best? Not even close. I know there is a heartwarming story behind the child playing the Sith Overlord, but still, that doesn’t make it the best commercial ever, nevertheless during SuperBowl XV. It wasn’t the best thing since sliced bread-get over it.
Best Commerical: Pepsi Max First Date – This was also a contender for ‘How Did that Get Past the Censors?’, yet simply wasn’t quite as dirty. Playing off double standards, it dips into the minds of a man and a woman on their first date. The truth is funny; and this ad is pure truthfulness.

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