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Snow Troubles in Leesburg

By Will Horne
Leesburg, VA- The unexpected masses of snow this year caught many Leesburg residents off guard. This late snow caused many issues such as traffic jams and car accidents throughout Loudoun County. Due to lack of preparation, many people were held up in traffic for hours, and snow plows had trouble doing their job.
Everyone was affected by the chaos created by the snow. Police cars had blocked off roads deemed too dangerous to drive on, cars were stuck in ditches, forcing many people to abandon their cars and walk to their destination. Even ambulances were having difficulty navigating through the snow. This was not the winter wonderland envisioned by many students at Tuscarora High School.
“At first I was happy about the snow, but as it got worse I realized that it was going to keep everyone indoors”, said Jacob Kimecik, a THS junior. Many people were trapped in their houses with a couple feet of snow in their driveways.
Another student disappointed by the snow was Conner Johnson, another junior at THS. “My Dad and I spent a lot of time shoveling the snow from our driveway”, said Johnson.
Though snow is always on the minds of students hoping to miss school, this year’s suprise was more than many were prepared for.

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