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Prepping for the SAT's

By Dan Horne
For many juniors at Tuscarora High School, this is a critical year. On top of getting their grades up for college, doing community service, and getting their varsity letters in sports, students must prepare for something else entirely. Yes, the time has come for these students to take the dreaded SATs, but how will they prepare?
For many, preparing for the SAT (scholastic aptitude test) is a very daunting task. One of these students, Ryan Bleull, is enrolled in the SAT prep class in school.
“I knew I had to do something to prepare for this test. So when I saw the class, I jumped all over it,” said Bleull.
Bleull has been pretty worried about the test for some time, but he says that the class is helping him a lot. He will be taking his first SAT in March.
“Yea, it’s a big deal, but you can take as many as you want. So don’t feel like you have to get a perfect score the first time,” said Bleull.
If you are still stressed, fear not! To take more weight off of your shoulders, many colleges are now doing what is called a “superscore” of your SATs. They will take your highest math score and your highest reading score from all of your tests and use those to make up your SAT score. That way if you do well on the math section of one test, and do well on the reading section of another, both of those scores will be used by colleges, therefore making you look better. But this does not mean that you do not need to prepare.
Taking the SAT class in school is not the only way to prepare for the SAT. Many opt for the Revolution prep classes outside of school. In order to access this resource, however, one must pay a fee of about $400. It is most definitely worth it.
The class is guaranteed to give you a 200 point boost from your original score on the SAT. One student enrolled in the class, Sam Rodgers, said that it has already taught him a lot about the test.
“Anyone who is having trouble with the SAT should really give this class a try. It’s really helpful,” said Rodgers.
Rodgers goes to class for 3 hours every Thursday night, and then takes practice test for another four hours every Saturday morning.
“Getting up on Saturday kind of sucks, but eventually you just get used to it and it ends up going by pretty fast,” said Rodgers.
Yes, this test is scary. But can you ready yourself for it? Most definitely. Sign up for one of these classes as soon as possible because before you know it, you are going to be the one taking the SAT. Come prepared.

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