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Students Benefit from P.B.I.S.

By: Forest Langhorne
Leesburg, VA- P.B.I.S., the “good behavior” program that students at Tuscarora get Tusky tickets for has been an operating program since the start of the school year. Students can receive tickets for exhibiting one of the aspects of R.I.S.E. (respect, integrity, service, excellence).Up to now, 29 students have received a variety of prizes as a result of a school wide drawing of Tusky tickets every week. Prizes include, but are not limited to, Ida Lee recreation center guess passes to iTunes gift cards. Students can still receive P.B.I.S. tickets and can still receive prizes, and starting now, students can view the current prize winners and what they received online on the Husky Headline.
The list of prize winners and what they received follows:
Michael Nerantzis- Nationals tickets
Nick Lee- movie tickets
Lucas Smith- Ice House gift cards
Anna Cho- Giovanni’s gift cards
Alec Husemann- Cold Stone gift cards
Pery Salyer- Ice House gift cards
Toriano Davis- Giovanni’s gift cards
Tonansy Resendiz- Ida Lee guest pass
Peter Sotos- Ashburn Ice House gift cards
Lori Kostka- Ashburn Ice House gift cards
Javary Derritt- Ida Lee guest pass
Alexis Payne- Giovanni’s gift cards
Sarah Dennis- Giovanni’s gift cards
Jonathan Wither- Blockbuster gift cards
Nick McCord- Cold Stone gift cards
Madison Wells- TBA
Spencer P. Palada- Ida Lee guest pass
Andrew Fleming- Ice House gift cards
Ricardo Coro- Ida Lee guest pass
Marilyn Ciciliano- Cold Stone gift cards
Denny Chicas- $5 pass at School Store
Chris Holoman- $5 pass at School Store
Kyle Wisniewski- Ida Lee guest pass
Stephanie Acup- Ida Lee guest pass
Madelaine Hernandez- Target gift card
Hisell Chiroque- Best Buy gift card
Tori Richardson- iTunes gift card
Juan Sierra-Garcia- iTunes gift card
Jordan Roach- Target gift card

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