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There Is More to the Paper than You Think

By: MacKenzie Butler
Hey Huskies! Alright, this is the school newspaper and it has some pretty cool articles. Yes, the obvious was just stated, but there are some people that really don’t know about the paper. It’s important for everyone to know what’s going on in our school.
   But a lot of people might ask “why read it? There is no point, it’s all boring” or a multitude of other excuses. When you read the school paper, the staff is informing you of all the latest stories going on in, and around, your school. This is a free way for you to know what’s going on in your communitiy. You can even ask the newspaper staff to write about a topic that interests you. By going to the staff page, an email can be sent to any of our editors and you can send in suggestions. This paper is written by the students, for the students. Your suggestions would be really useful to help us figure out what the student body wants to read about. Is it important to you to read about what’s new in the band, or about what’s happening in D.C.?   If you know of someone or something interesting, tell us!  You and your friends can be a part of this newspaper, all you have to do is send us an email.  We can investigate and write about pretty much anything. This paper isnt just for the newspaper staff, so help us out and tell us what you want to read, and then maybe you wont think it’s so “boring”.
   More importantly, you should be reading this to support your school!  Every other school has a prominent newspaper that most of the students enjoy.  It’s something that every school should have, and it’s sad that almost nobody reads it here.  Reading it not only informs you about events around the school, but it helps to make Tuscarora better.  It connects the student body, and gives a school that is comprised of many different groups of people a sense of unity.  
   So don’t be left out of the loop, check it out. It only will take a couple minutes of your time at the very least.

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