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Not Clowning Around

By: Erica Walker
On October 30, 2010, Felix Klinkert, an eleventh grade exchange-student from Germany, performed in the competition play called “The Absolute Most Cliched Elevator Play in the History of the Entire Universe” by Werner Trieschmann. This play is about a group of completely different kinds of people stuck together in a elevator.
Before Felix takes the stage, he thinks, “It’s a good warm up to talk to the actors.” Not talking about the play in particular, but about normal things. Also, after talking to the cast, he believes it’s important to get into character which he says he’s good at.
Previously in Felix’s life, he preformed in Christmas plays (in Germany) for his church since he was ten years old. His mom was in charge of the plays at their church and suggested him to be in one. He tried acting and started to become a good actor. He has also performed in open-air plays from time to time. Plus, he was in a band with his brother and a friend. In contrast to the play, Felix likes to play soccer, listen to music, watch movies, and he used to do track and field.
He enjoys being in the school play because he believes it’s easier to play roles that are fun. He likes the way all the actors  in the play work together. As a matter of fact, he has good friends in the play too! “He’s really funny and nice. He is fun to be around,” says Jessica Matera, one of the cheerleaders in the school production. Sean Phillips, the part of the emo kid, had this to say about Felix, “He’s a pretty cool guy. He’s very friendly. He takes his role seriously and he brings a lot of energy to the cast.” Felix believes that the director of the play, Mr. Daniel, is very good at his job. “He knows what he’s talking about,” Felix admits.

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