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By: Lili Samios
Nearly everyone has seen Glee, or at very least heard of it. Glee is a relatively new show on Fox that is incredibly popular. Only in its second season it is about a glee club at an average high school. The show has multiple musical numbers, and is a comedy. It also won two Emmy’s this year. The new Season premiered in September, bringing new characters and new twists for the people in glee club.
Each of the characters in glee is unique, and fit into their own stereotype. These include the football player, the bad boy, the gay guy, the cheerleaders, and the nerds. The main character of the show is Will Schuester, played by Matthew Morrison; he teaches spanish and is in charge of the glee club. He is the only person on the show that stands up for the glee club and the misfits who participate in it. The antagonist in Glee is Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch. She is the cheerleading coach and is always trying to shut down the glee club.
Most of the actors have returned for the second season of the show. There is also a new football coach and a few new members of glee club. Although the plot has evolved, the musical aspect of the show is still the main focus. The characters sing about their problems, which makes the songs they sing much more engaging.  Most of the characters, new and old, are likeable. Personally I find a few people annoying though. Especially Rachel Barry played by Lea Michele. She is an overachiever and thinks she is the best singer ever, even if she isn’t.
I personally have watched Glee many times, and overall I like it. Some of the music is great, and most of it is good. It can be incredibly funny, especially when Sue the cheerleading coach is on screen. However it does have the tendency to be uncomfortable instead of funny. At times episodes this season are just random as opposed to having an actual storyline. The first season was better, because the first season had a storyline. I would say everyone should try watching it, especially if you like musicals.

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