Donda Want To Go Back To School?

Rishi Kumar talks about Kanye West’s new album and how it’s helping him this school year


By: Emily Bailey

On August 29, 2021, just two days after the official 2021 school years started, Kanye West released his new album Donda.  

After the original release date on July 24, 2021, came around and no new album came out, fans were disappointed but not surprised. West is known to delay or push back projects in the past. Furthermore, throughout summer fans were getting antsy wondering when the new album may be coming after a year of hyping it up when it was first announced in May of 2020. “ I was a bit annoyed at the start having to wait, but then I understood he was just perfecting his music,” said Rishi Kumar, a Loudoun County Public School student.

Thought having to wait a little longer than expected; kids were still very excited for the new album release, and even looking forward to school starting if it meant getting 

to listen to some of West’s new songs. “ It was super worth the wait. Almost all the songs are bangers.” Kumar says.

Some have even said it has made the transition from online school to in person school better. “ It has made school better cause I’m always feeling hyped in school.” Said Kumar. 

“I say it’s top five of his discography.” Kumar goes on to explain. And even goes on to describe how his voice is “heavenly” and “makes me float.” Which one would think could get anyone to go back to school.

You can listen to Donda on spotify and many more music streaming apps. “ I recommend this album to every music listener. Go listen to Kanye right now.”Praied Kumar.