Tuscarora’s Wrestling Champion


By — Taylor Byrne

Tuscarora High School’s senior Bobby Philpot is Virginia’s new 4a State Champion. 

Not only this, but he is also a three time district champion and two time regional champion. 

Bobby is nothing if not, an extraordinarily talented and hard working wrestler. Bobby has worked harder than most to achieve his goals, “The state title has been my goal since the beginning of high school, and being the second state champion of Tuscarora history makes me feel pretty special.”, explained Bobby. 

These achievements were well earned through blood, sweat, and tears, but most of all through dedication. Bobby has been wrestling since elementary school, however he didn’t become serious about the sport until the later half of middle school. 

When Bobby started high school he became fully committed. He began training all year round, going to off-season tournaments and practices, lifting weights, and running in his spare time. “I sacrificed a lot of time for this sport to get to this point in my career, but it was definitely worth it,” Bobby confessed. 

Bobby plans to continue his wrestling career in college. Many college coaches have reached out to him over the years, and several more since his win at states. At this time Bobby doesn’t know where he wants to go yet, but he’s keeping his options open.