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A New Injury For Tiger Woods


By — Njeri Jackson

Star golf player, Tiger Woods has recently been in  a one-car accident that gave him brutal, and possibly career-ending injuries. Woods had been in the area of where the car crashed because he was hosting the Genesis Invitational and presenting the trophy to the winner, Max Homa.

On Tuesday, February 23 at around seven in the morning, Wood’s car rolled off the highway  multiple times before coming to a stop several feet in the field beside the road. He was driving a Hyundai Genesis SUV. Knowing the type of car it could help the police try to figure out if there was some type of error with the car that caused the accident since nothing is known as to what really happened. Woods was declared to not be pressed for charges on the incident and it was declared an accident the next day.

Doctors say it is a miracle that Woods survived the possibly fatal crash although he is suffering serious injuries to his leg. Reports say that he was trapped in the vehicle and a fire crew had to pry him out. He was conscious and able to talk but couldn’t stand up. He was then escorted to a nearby hospital where he received surgeries on his lower right leg and ankle. Woods reportedly suffered a few comminuted fractures which are breaks of the bone in an area with more than two fragments. His injuries were stabilised with screws, pins, and a rod in part of his leg.

Wood’s injuries will certainly impact his golfing career. His injuries were severe and golfing with legs working at a lower level is sure to be detrimental to his performance. He has previously suffered multiple back injuries in the past and his back was recovering from a fifth back surgery at the time of the crash which could possibly mark the end of his career. Fans can still hope though as Woods has a history of recovering from injury and fairing well.

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