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Tech Tuesday — The First Android 12 Developer Preview


By — Danny Kistner

It’s once again that time of year when Google begins rolling out their software update developer previews for Android, which is said to be first releasing for Android 12 this Thursday. As usual, we can expect some UI and UX updates, which have been shown to once again target the notification and controls panel. Though most pictures at the moment are from leaks, Google leaks are notorious for being pretty accurate, which is something the company tends to roll with now, either by revealing information early or not treating keynotes as a big surprise. 

Rumored Android 12 UI.

Android 12 seems to once again be trying its hand at challenging the Apple updates of the year, Google taking a similar approach in terms of rounded shapes and blurred backgrounds to certain icons. Nevertheless, there are some purely Android takes on updates, as well, including color changes to their light and dark themes (gray replacing white, and a bluish dark gray replacing black) as well as some improvements in regards to reachability. One of these features has been dubbed “Silky Home” and like the Samsung UI, makes it more convenient to reach things at the tops of screens as well as one handed mode, which pushes the whole of the screen down. 

As for the beta previews, we’ll have to wait a few months, but until then, we have quite the interesting journey in store for Google and its Android UI in 2021.

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