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A Highlight on What’s Happened in Politics and Covid in January 2021 so Far


By — Njeri Jackson

As the end of January approaches it’s noticeable that 2021 is about to be a very interesting year. 2021 so far has already been a busy year and it’s just started. Here’s an update for what’s happening with Covid and politics in the U.S right now.

The Inauguration

Joe Biden is officially the 46th president of the United States and Kamala Harris is his vice president. Biden was inaugurated on  January 20,2021. There were more police and military in Washington D.C than any other presidential inauguration. Former president Trump chose not to attend the swearing in ceremony making him the fourth president to do so.

Trump’s Impeachment Trial

The house has proposed to impeach former President Trump, stating he “engaged in high Crimes and Misdemeanors by inciting violence against the government of the United States.” The proposal came after the storming of the Capitol. The trial will be settled in the Senate some time in early February after the proposal passed in the House.

The Storming of the Capitol

January 6th a crowd in Washington D.C stormed the Capital building. The people that stormed it were mostly Trump supporters who were against the preceding of Biden to becoming President. They occupied, vandalised, and looted the building which took hours for the authorities to stop the whole event. Five people died in the incident and  prompted the consideration for Trump to being impeached

Biden’s Covid Plan

After Biden has entered office he is putting out executive orders to initiate his Covid plan. He is planning to safely open school within 100 days. He also initiated the buying of more of the Covid vaccine and wants to have enough vaccinations to give to everyone by the end of summer.

A Covid Update

There has been a new variation of the original Covid-19 that is thought to be more deadly. New research is being done to try to create a vaccine that could also prevent that. There have also been predictions that a few new types of vaccines will be on the market soon, such as Johnson & Johnson and Novavax. As of now there have been around 100 million cases of covid reported and 2.1 million deaths.

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