Monday Mention — Volunteering to Make a Change with Anna Kelly


By — Taylor Byrne

Volunteering is one of the best ways for a student to get involved in their community to bring positive change.  Luckily it isn’t too hard to find some way to get involved, many clubs at Tuscarora as well as several honor societies require volunteer hours to be in that club.  Some students view volunteering as a chore, but it doesn’t need to be. Volunteering is any act of service that brings about change; students can use that opportunity to help with an issue that they care about.  When you care about something, and help to better the community everyone benefits. A THS senior, Anna Kelly, agrees.

Recently Anna decided to volunteer with the Young Democrats Club and help canvass for the 2020 elections.  Even though Anna can’t vote yet she feels very strongly about politics and wanted to get involved.  Almost every weekend throughout October, Anna and several other volunteers went out and canvassed for local and national demorcratic candidates.

“It was so easy to get involved”, stated Anna, “we had great resources at the school which opened up so many doors for us and helped us out all the way.” The school offers many volunteer opportunities through clubs, honor societies, PEER, SCA, and so much more; just remember to look around. Sometimes inspiration and positivity comes with helping others. 

Volunteering not only helps those affected, but the volunteers too. “The best part of volunteering was actually feeling like you were out there doing something that could help someone or make a positive change, it was also fun to get to spend time with my friends while also doing something I’m passionate about!”, said Anna excitedly.  Regardless of political affiliation anyone can get involved, it’s all about looking locally for like minded individuals and being excited and willing to help.