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My First Week as an Apple User


By — Njeri Jackson

About a week ago I was gifted with a beautiful new iPhone to replace the last phone I had, which died. I was very happy to receive the phone, as it would be my first Apple device. I think it’s important to note that I was very committed to getting an iPhone so much that I put money on this phone. That’s commitment. I have some thoughts on the phone that must be addressed though…

Number 1 — The packaging hits different

I’m not going to lie, I did not understand why people were so hyped about peeling off plastic. I get it. I peeled the plastic off the phone and it was generally one of the most satisfying things to do ever. Don’t ask me why, let’s just say I get the hype. I ordered headphones as well, and I spent maybe a solid two minutes transfixed with it.

Number 2 — It is literally the most beautiful phone I’ve ever seen

When I was picking the color of this phone, I actually wanted red, but I decided to go for the white instead which I thought would be a risk, but I actually ended up loving it. I took it out of the box and literally died inside. Like you know when you see something beautiful and something inside you just loses it? That’s what happens. I actually had to take a step away and breath

Number 3 — Apple ID was a struggle

Apple ID might be one of the most annoying things out there. It can’t be just me that thinks this. I literally can’t remember passwords for my life, so let’s just say it’s not the most convenient thing out there. I was relieved when it stopped asking for me to fill out the password, cause by then I had pretty much forgotten it. 

Number 4 — Why did I lose 15GB????

It’s actually tragic that the preinstalled apps on the phone robbed me of 15GB, like what in the world?! I really hope it didn’t take up that much space on the older phones that have 32GB, that would be so messed up. I was feeling some kind of way when I discovered this, it’s literally a crime. I was so shocked.

Number 5 — the Camera is Amazing

I will confirm Apple cameras are really amazing. I don’t even need to, it’s already known. I’m not going to lie though, my old phone could compete, I thought both had some fairly good cameras. If you know how to work them anyway.

Number 6 — I have a Hate Love Relationship with Autocorrect

I MUST talk about autocorrect. Literally the amount of weird things I’ve said because of autocorrect is unbelievable. It’s actually so annoying. The amount of times it has autocorrected “u” to “I’ and vice versa  is incredible. I don’t even know why. At the same time though, I love it since I can’t spell to save my life. My grammar has drastically improved, more like the phone has made me seem like I have better grammar actually, but still, I’m trying. It’s important to note that I purposely put hate first since I have a greater hatred than love for it.

Number 7 — The Earphones…

I have full respect for Apple and this earphones “issue”. People find it annoying that you have to specifically have Apple EarPods, I think they’re called. Honestly I applaud them, like get that coin. What I do find annoying about them though is that my ears are so small they keep falling out all the time. I literally paid $20 for something that is going to fall out of my ears?! It’s crazy.

Number 8 — The battery life didn’t come to play

I was really happy that the battery on this phone was long lasting. I was very scared that it would never be able to reach the level of charge my old phone had. My old phone had a crazy good battery life, and I purposely put more money on this phone so I could get the battery life I wanted and luckily it didn’t fail.

All in all, I’d say I like the iPhone. The struggles kind of make it more entertaining and interesting. Is it better than my old phone? We’ll have to see.

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