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Wheatland Farm and Volunteer Opportunities


By — Mia Parada

This year has shown to be a year to remember, not only are we in the midst of a pandemic, we are also seeing a boiling point for human rights in America. With all of the challenges, we are seeing more people step forward to help their fellow community members in numerous ways. So the focus here is to take a closer look at those members of our community who are helping in extraordinary ways, giving a shout out to those who are doing their part to make a difference in these challenging times. 

This week the Pack is focusing on Wheatland Farm and the volunteering opportunities it is giving to the community. Wheatland Farm is a riding school for students who want to improve their horse-back riding, this week however the Pack will be focusing on volunteering and classes for kids and adults with disabilities. These classes can be for people who are training to be a part of the Paralympic riding team, to those with disabilities who just want to learn to ride horses. This equine volunteering opportunity has been great for people like Patricia Rasmussen, an active rider, and volunteer for this program. 

“My favorite part is watching the students advance and become more confident and coordinated. And walking is good exercise, if a bit exhausting after a while… Some of the children are adorable, and it’s fun watching them grow and learn. I’ve learned to be very fond of some of them, and look forward to working those days.” Said Rasmussen about the volunteer work. This opportunity to her has been a very appreciative and learning experience. 

In this experience Rasmussen has really indulged in her love of horses, but also as  a way to help others begin a love. This is a great opportunity to understand and learn about horses, as well as an opportunity to grow as an individual. If anyone is interested in looking more Wheatland farm has a website and phone number to contact them. 

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