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Fandom Friday — Biden Takes the Presidency?


By — Njeri Jackson

November third, the presidential race started.  It is against Republican, President Trump, with running mate current vice president Pence, and the Democrats,former vice president, Biden, with Senator Harris. There are other candidates, but no other party has ever won the election. A total of 1,212 people actually ran for president, including Howie Hawkings (Green Party) and Jo Jorgenson (Libertarian Party), and even Kanye West (Independent)

Swing States

As votes began to flood in that night, eyes of the nation were shifted towards the swing states, or the states that go back and forth between Republican and Democrat. Usually these states are “in the hot-seat” when it comes to the final part of the election, as they have the power to significantly change an election’s outcome, as evidenced in this election.

A Couple Days in

A couple days into the race, it appeared that both Trump and Biden both had a fair chance at winning. Trump had the majority in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina which could help him reach 270, the amount needed to win. Biden was slightly ahead, and needed only the votes from Nevada to get the Presidency. 

The Flip

In a sudden turn though, Biden took the lead in Pennsylvania, who’s votes could get him the win faster than in Nevada. Attention shifted to the state as it could determine the outcome of the election. There is so far a 1% difference between Democrats and the Republicans in that state, with the democrats in the lead. As of 10/11 98% of the vote is counted and it is unlikely that Trump will win the state. 

How Close It Really Is

As the percentages between certain states such as in Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, there has been the initiation of recounts because it is really “one vote can make a difference” in this situation. Biden has been recently taking the leads in these states, edging Trump by a small percentage.

Who’s Won?

Technically speaking no candidate has officially won yet. The media has just called the election to Biden and Harris. That just means the winner will most likely be Biden at the end of all of this. All the votes still have to be counted and it will not be official till December 14th.

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