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Last Week in Tech — Apple’s One More Thing Event


By — Danny Kistner

Apple’s third and final event for 2020 was hosted just today in another pre-recorded announcement, much like the previous two. They discussed everything almost everyone was already expecting them to, including Big Sur, the new MacOS update that was revealed to be coming out this Thursday, November 12th, as well as Apple Silicon and a number of new computers that will soon be added to the Mac lineup. 

The former of these last two mentions was discussed way back in July, Apple silicon being a means to replace the Intel processor chip at a time where Apple hopes to create, not only a more seamless ecosystem, but also a new processor chip. The M1, as they’re calling it, does what multiple chips do now all in one place. This will allow for faster image and video processing, faster CPU performance, and faster machine learning performance. It is just as much a game changer as it is well timed, Apple’s relationship with Intel having soured over the last several years as a result of production speed. 

This new chip was announced alongside Big Sur, or MacOS 11.0, a total refresh to the Mac appearance which includes updated app icons, a refresh to the notes and messages app, a new control center, and an overall cleaner appearance. 

The new Macs announced include a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13”, and Mac mini, all with the new M1 chip. 

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