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Fandom Friday — The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate


By — Njeri Jackson

Photo curtesy — Jonathan Simcore

Following last week’s presidential debate, where President Donald Trump and democratic candidate Joe Biden discussed major topics, such as the economy and covid, their running mates participated in their own debate this past wednesday, October 7th. The debate was held in Salt Lake City, and was against President Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence and Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris. It was moderated by Susan Page and they discussed nine different topics listed below.


Covid, deaths, the effect on the economy, and the President’s response, was talked about in the first segment. Both candidates brought up the lives lost to covid, the economy and how it was to be handled, President Trump coming down with covid, and the vaccine. 

The Role of the Vice President

During this segment the topic of the president’s age and health was brought into question, as the president and Biden are in their late 70s. Both Pence and Harris avoided the president’s age but discussed how both parties well planned for the future and how America has a right to know the health of the President.

The Economy

How the economy would recover and how it crashed was discussed. Harris states that Biden has a new plan to repeal Trump’s tax cut and use the money to fund developments, such as that of roads and new sources of renewable energy. Pence talks about the importance of Trump’s tax act and how the economy has prospered since Trump came into office and that they have done a good job at rebuilding the economy after covid.

Climate Control

In this segment they mainly talked about the environment and both of their plans in environmental efforts. Both believe that it’s important but based on their plans, the democrats are prioritizing the environment more than Pence and his party are not. They discussed the impacts of events such as the hurricanes in the south and the California wildfires as well.


During this segment they discussed the relationship between the US and China, as well as relationships with foreign powers. Harris said that it was important to maintain good relationships with your allies and know who your adversaries are. She also stated that the trade “war” with China started with Trump and the closing of travel to China were unwise decisions made by the Trump administration. Pence argued that these actions were necessary and brought up that closing travel to China saved millions of lives by halting a further spread of Covid.

Supreme Court

The topic of the replacement of Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg and what was the “right” time to make the decision, Pence saying that now it was the best time while Harris stated that she believed it should be after the election.

Racial Justice

Brought up during this segment was the idea of equality, racial discrimatation using the case of the Breoanna Taylor case, and how it was to be handled. Harris talks about how discrimination should be acknowledged and solved, while Pence talked more about it not being right but not so much about solving it.

The Election

The acceptance of the outcome of the results of the election and whether there would be a peaceful transfer of power was brought up. Both candidates agreed with their running mates. Harris and Biden say simply to just vote and whatever happens happens, while Pence and Trump bring up the point that there could be issues with an inaccurate  outcome.

Political Division and Unity

A question was brought in from an 8th grader about how parties disagree and fight often, and if it was possible for political unity. Pence answers that it’s alright for people to disagree and that it is possible for people to get along stating the example of the relationship between two judges on the Supreme Court that got along even though they were of opposite political beliefs while Harris states that disagreement leads to division and promoted her running mate by basically saying Biden could bridge divisions.

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