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By — Taylor Byrne

Some of you may have heard of PEER, or maybe know a member; but do you know exactly what it is and what they do?  According to PEER member, Josie Duenas, a junior, “PEER is an organization that works to raise and spread awareness about issues in our school community as well as the community outside of our school in order to create a healthy school environment for all.”   PEER is responsible for a large majority of the campaigns and events that happen here at Tuscarora. 

“PEER has done a lot of campaigns since the beginning of this year, including October’s Boo Bullying, December’s Hugs Not Drugs, and February’s Choose Love campaign.  We also have incorporated all of our campaigns at Smart’s Mill.” says junior Abbie Domingue.  On top of all of this, they have also organized a lot of other campaigns such as September’s Depression and Anxiety Campaign, November’s Disabilities Awareness, and January’s Human Trafficking Awareness.  

To come up with these campaigns each month PEER comes together as a group with problems in the school environment that they wish to address. From that point, they take action, creating posters, slideshows, and videos to try and gain the attention of fellow students.

Not only does PEER organize and sponsor all these campaigns, they also try to speak directly to students to spread positive messages.  PEER travels to Smarts Mills Middle School to meet up with PEER Buddies, which are middle school students paired with high school students who are members of PEER. They help spread awareness and give them advice.  This organization also holds New Student Receptions every year to welcome new students at Tuscarora. By staying connected to the middle school, PEER is able to make connections that will follow into high school to help with the transition as well as making the new freshmen feel welcome.

When junior Josie Duenes was asked if she felt PEER makes a big impact on the school she replied with: “PEER definitely has a big impact on our school, by making it a better place for students and faculty by focusing on establishing positive experience in educational relationships, our school is improved greatly.”  Many students agree with this statement. Junior Erica Shobe stated, “I do think PEER has a big impact on the school. I appreciate all the awareness their campaigns bring by making people more aware of problems happening in our school, and maybe even helping people find strength to talk to someone about an issue they face.”

PEER works hard to start important conversations in our school, and they give us the tools to continue it.  The impact they have on students and faculty is a positive one that creates much needed awareness.

This week make sure to participate in their latest campaign, Unity Week! Monday is jersey day, Tuesday is tourist day, Wednesday is around the world day, Thursday is pajama day, and Friday is mix-it-up day.

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