New Short Film Has Got Me Feeling All Too Well

Taylor Swift’s new short film review.

New Short Film Has Got Me Feeling All Too Well

By: Emily Bailey

On November 12, 2021 Taylor Swift came out with her short film “All Too Well: A Short Film.”

If you know Taylor Swift then you know she has made a name for herself in the music industry with her plethora of break up songs.

The short film itself is based around the song All Too Well which was released in 2012, during the time when Swift and her partner at the time, Jake Gyllenhaal, broke up. The film, which was written and directed by Swift herself, follows a young girl, who represents Swift herself, and an older man during the time of their relationship. Broken up into four parts the film follows the original song, All Too Well, and its storytelling for both the good and bad of their relationship. 

If you’re not familiar with the song or any relationship Swift has had in the past this film can definitely be a good starting point. The casting done for the short was a creative decision that I definity think brought this film to life. Sadie Sink, Her, and Dylan O’Brien, Him, performances were awe-inspiring. Though I, and many others, don’t think Swift casted both of them solely on their qualifications for the acting part, but for their age difference as well. It has been long believed that the song, All Too Well, was written about Gyllenhaal and Swift’s relationship, and during their relationship Swift was ten years younger than Gyllenhaal at the time. Swift being 20 and Gyllenhaal being 30. And the casting

was surely no mistake as Sink is 19 and O’Brien is 30 as well. Though beyond their age, both Sink and O’Brien definitely brought their A game when playing their respective roles.

The writing and filming of the short was nothing short of incredible. The scenery and props play so much into the making of the film. Having a song come to life like Swift does in her film is already amazing and you can really see how much effort was put into making not only her song, but her story to life. You don’t even need to be a hardcore Swift fan, you really see all the easter eggs scared throughout the film, from the red scarf, the 1989 car model, the champagne, and to the quick, but oh so dilerbirty filmed spiderman kiss stared between the two. 

Everything in this film from the acting, writing, filming, and storytelling is so breathtaking and creative that you just can’t help the feeling of applause once the fifteen minute film is done. 

The film also ends with the actual Taylor Swift taking the place of Sadie Sink while reading a book called “All Too Well” to an audience of people thirteen years after the beginning of the film. Which fans believed was yet another easter egg about an upcoming book Swift was going to release. Though as of now you can find the All Too Well Notebook on her website under merch for $30. 

Overall I recommend this short film to anyone, Taylor Swift fan or not. You do not need any prior knowledge of Swift’s dating or songs to enjoy this beautifully crafted film. I give it a five out of five stars in hopes that you watch it soon. You can watch the film on YouTube on Taylor Swift’s official page and see clips of it all over social media.