Adele Helping With Academics

Students talk about how Adele’s music has made studying easier for them by the end of the quarter

Adele Helping With Academics

By: Emily Bailey

On October 14, 2021 Adele released her new song Easy On Me. Her last album 25 was released all the way back in 2015, and she had not come out with any new songs since. Though, not only did Adele get around 20 million streams on spotify the first day it came out, but many of her other songs from older albums have also been making a comeback.

Earlier in the school year songs like Rolling in the Deep, Send My Love (To Your New Lover), Love in the Dark, and many more were already making an appearance on social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube. Though lately with the new release of her new song old songs have become a recent addition to many people’s playlist.

With old and new songs being played in repeat many local students have found listening to Adele’s music to be great background noise while trying to finish up last minute assignments and studying for the end of the quarter.

“Ever since her new song came out, I have started to listen to her old stuff too while driving to school and even studying. It’s like I totally forgot how amazing her voice and lyrics are, and have just reopened a whole era’s worth of memories from when I was younger listening to her music while trying to memorize the fifty states.” said an LCPS student. 

This student, just like myself, has started to listen to Adele during the end of this quarter to help reduce stress. Adele’s music has always been calm yet dermatic, and she has always had a talent to make the water works actually work. Her music is well known for being on the sadder side, but if you’re just like me, then that type of music is a great stress reliever and can really help get work done. “Her music just appeals to me in a way that can really help my mind start to flow.” the anonymous student said. 

And just like Mitski, fans have been given new hope that new music is on the rise for Adele. Though they are happy to wait, so long as they have a fews weeks to catch up on old hits that haven’t had enough love over the years.  

To get more information, wait until November 14, when Adele will be on One Night Only on CBS.