Gameday Recap: 10/11-10/15

Hey Huskies! Here’s another recap on last week’s sports.


By: Joey Hudson


Junior Varsity Football:

Tuscarora’s Junior Varsity Football team went up against Stone Bridge High School on October 12th at 6:30 PM. At the end of the first quarter, the Tuscarora team was down by 1 point with the current score being 8-7 Stone Bridge. During the second quarter, Tuscarora managed to get a touchdown and get another 7 points on the board. However, the Stone Bridge team managed to rebuttal and increase their score to 22. By the end of the second quarter, the Tuscarora team managed to improve their score some more, however, they were still behind Stone Bridge with a score of 22-20 Stone Bridge. In the third and fourth quarter, despite Tuscarora managing to get one more touchdown, the Stone Bridge team scored touchdown after touchdown to win the game against Tuscarora with a final score of 35-27 Stone Ridge.

Powderpuff (Girls Flag Football):

Instead of having a regularly scheduled Varsity Football game that usually takes place on Fridays, Tuscarora hosted their annual Powderpuff game on October 15th. Powderpuff is when a group of selected Junior and Senior girls compete against each other in Flag Football for the Powderpuff trophy. Below are the people that played in the event:


Marley Kinlock, Olivia Allen, Melina Effiheno, Marjan Nawaz, Madison Shavers, Ashbey Cornell, Brianna Longo, Kaitlynn Dunnigan, Jenna Caple, Katie Scheivert, Leah Lesho, Madison Shavers, Sofia Hardesty, Piper Tyrell, Maya Strigel, Courtney Poole, Shelby Wilson, Natalie McCullum, Erin Bracken


Tatiana Ward, Yaajushi Valluri, Elma Hajric, Mariah Goodwyn, Colette Morris, Elishiva Omar, Camryn Worley, Nabneet Kaur, Cate Swank, Carrie Wiggins, Ava Marvin, Erin Thompson, Olivia Bruns

During the first quarter, the seniors were on the scoreboard early after Katie Scheivert scored a touchdown. By the end of the first quarter, the seniors were up by a lot, with the score being 20-0. Katie Scheivert managed to score another touchdown with Kaitlynn Dunnigan following up with the last touchdown during the first quarter. Going into the second quarter, the Seniors continued their dominance, managing to get 14 more points on the scoreboard while the Juniors were able to score one touchdown for 6 points. In the end, the Juniors couldn’t capitalize on their touchdown and were ultimately defeated with a final score of 34-6.


Junior Varsity Volleyball:

The Junior team went up against Lightridge High School on October 12th. During the first set of the game, the Lightridge team managed to better the Tuscarora Juniors winning the first set with a final score of 24-17 Lightridge. In the second set, Tuscarora was putting on a dominant performance against Lightridge, however, Lightridge was starting to catch back up. In the end though, the Tuscarora team was able to win the second set with a final score of 25-19. The Tuscarora team managed to win against the Lightridge team in the end with a  score of 14-13.

The Junior Varsity Girls team also went up against Park View on October 14th. Tuscarora dominated in the first set of the game with a final score of 25-13 and claiming the first set. The second set had similar results with the Tuscarora Junior team overpowering the Park View team and won the second set with a final score of 25-7. 

Varsity Volleyball:

The Varsity Volleyball team also went up against Lightridge on October 12th. The first match of the game was almost even on both sides, however, the Tuscarora team came out on top and won the first match with a final score of 25-21 against Lightridge. The Tuscarora team capitalized on their performance and took the second set against Lighridge with a score of 25-16. The third set saw the Tuscarora girls pull out an impressive performance and were able to control the entire third set. The final score ended with 25-7 Tuscarora. With winning three sets, the Tuscarora Varsity Volleyball team managed to win the game.

Park View was the next opponent for the Tuscarora Varsity team. Being played on October 14th following the Junior teams game against Park View, the Varsity team put on another good performance. The Tuscarora team was racking point after point during the first set and managed to win the first set with a final score of 25-7. The second set saw similar results as the first with Tuscarora continuing their well-rounded performance and won the second set with a final score of 25-13 and winning the overall game.


  • October 18: Freshman Football (5:30 PM)
  • October 19: Varsity Girls Field Hockey (5:30 PM)
  • October 19: Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball (5:45 PM)
  • October 19: Varsity Girls Volleyball (7:00 PM)
  • October 22: Varsity Football (7:00 PM)