Giving Back Thursdays — Field Day


By — Mia Parada

This year has shown to be a year to remember. Not only are we in the midst of a pandemic, we are also seeing a boiling point for human rights in America. With all of the challenges, we are seeing more people step forward to help their fellow community members in numerous ways. So the focus here is to take a closer look at those members of our community who are helping in extraordinary ways, giving a shout out to those who are doing their part to make a difference in these challenging times. 

When asked about what Seniors should remember about high school, Abby Cheatham, a science teacher at Tuscarora said, “​Make time for people that you love.” With this year being partially virtual there have been lots of calls to do outside school events. While private prom’s being hosted outside of the school by parents, Cheatham and the Junior class SCA are hosting an event for seniors this Saturday, May 22nd.      

This year Tuscarora is hosting an event for all seniors. “This is a Senior Challenge that will consist of 4 events. Athletic, Academics, Fine Arts, and Social. The seniors will pick teams of 10 to compete with. Then they will be assigned a team color, starting time, and starting location. They can dress up with their color in mind to help win points,” Cheatham responded when being asked what this event entailed. 

Students can pick between the morning slot 10-1:30 or the afternoon slot of 2-5:30. All teams will rotate through the four events. This Senior field day is to have different outside activities for the seniors to participate in. 

“We are creating this so they can have a fun day together and create lasting memories while remaining safe,” Cheatham said. 

Look at your advisory slides to find the google form to sign up for the field day!