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“Meme-ing” to the Extreme


By Lucy Blue

Since the beginning of the 2016 presidential election, information both biased and impartial has been spread through the internet.  Social media is an especially vital source of facts for the younger generation, who spend nearly nine hours a day on their phones, according to The Washington Post.  The political stance of these millennials is considerably shaped by what they see on the internet, and the comedic political “memes” that have surfaced online are making a scene.

Memes, (the way cultural information spreads, usually a picture with a caption), break through the intensity of the election with witty jokes and amusing references to political figures.  Regardless of one’s political stance, a meme that pokes fun at a certain political view or political figure helps those on social media laugh and shake off the tension of the election.  

How large a part will memes and social media play in the elections to come?

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