The Hunger Games: Preview and Analysis

By Lili Samios and Dagney Palmer-

 The Hunger Games is a book by Suzanne Collins that was published in 2008. Since then it has become one of the most popular books in America. It has sold millions of copies and even inspired parody books, so of course it is now being made into a movie. The movie comes out on March 23, but can it live up to the amazing book? Probably not.
The screen play for the movie was written by the author of the book, so that is a good sign. If you have never seen a preview for The Hunger Games, then you should go check it out. The previews seem to be both pretty accurate to the book, and epic. The main reason we’re hesitant about this movie is that during the book there are many incredible scenes that would be difficult to transfer to film. The Hunger Games as a book is already complex and very detailed; sometimes it can be hard to follow, so it will be quite a feat to make a cohesive movie based on this story. Some of the more detailed or complex scenes from the book could either make this movie astounding, or confusing and hard to follow.
There are a few things from the book that the movie may, or may not be able to handle. (I WARN YOU NOW THAT THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS. CONTINUE READING AT YOUR OWN RISK.)  This includes, first, Peeta and Katniss’s outfits before the games. Before the Hunger Games, the tributes have a chance to impress possible sponsors, so of course they need a remarkable outfit. In the book Peeta and Katniss have outfits that are literally on fire, described in such vivid detail that it seems near impossible for the movie version to live up to hundreds of fans’ expectations.
Another scene that will be interesting is Katniss’s hallucinations from tracker jackers. During the games nearly all the tributes are stung by tracker jackers, these stings cause intense hallucinations. The hallucinations Katniss sees are important to the story and symbolic, so it’s crucial this scene is portrayed clearly. Next, Rue’s death will be a crucial scene in the movie. This is a turning point in the story; afterwards Katniss has a whole different view of the hunger games. If Katniss hadn’t had this special moment with Rue she might not have become a victor of the games. This is an exceptionally emotional moment and the movie will have to do it perfectly to do the book justice.
Finally, during the climax of The Hunger Games, Katniss faces off against a pack of mutated wolves. This could be hard to coordinate because so many things are going on at once, and I fear that they’ll change
The Hunger Games is written as a first-person narrative, with a vast majority of the book being Katniss’s thoughts about the games and memories from her past. The movie will either have to be narrated by Katniss, or some of her important thoughts will be cut out, which will take away from the depth of the story. But, having a narrator might take away from the seriousness of the games and come across as cliché or overdramatic.